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Aesthetic Realism & Music

The Flute

Flute Classes and Lessons from the Aesthetic Realism Point of View

    I teach the flute in my studio. For more information click here >>

"The Beginnings of Music: The Opposites in the Flute"

    The first opposites for a person are oneself and the world — and we are trying to do a good job with these opposites from birth....And in all music there are continuity and surprise... Click here to continue.

Music Course

The Opposites in Music Class 

    The class I teach at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation with my colleagues Anne Fielding and Edward Green.  This description of the music class links to the Foundation's course brochure, where you can get registration information and all the class schedules. 

    We say: This class is based on the Aesthetic Realism principle "Art is that which, through an individual, shows the oneness of the permanent opposites in reality." We study instances of music, from Bach's "Magnificat" to ...  Click here to continue.

Music and Love

"The Mix-up in Marriage about Coldness and Warmth"

    Includes a study of the life Cosima Wagner, wife of Richard Wagner, & a discussion of Die Meistersinger. Click here to continue.

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