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On the Aesthetic Realism Understanding of Economics

"Aesthetic Realism Explains Motive of Profit Economics" By Barbara Allen & Arnold Perey / Michigan Live [about Kellogg's layoff]

And I want you to know this important article about an economic situation affecting millions of husbands and wives:

"Recovery Is Real Only if Ordinary Folks Can Feel It" By Timothy Lynch, head of Teamsters local 1205 / Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)

    "Siegel described what the indicators of a real recovery are: 'If there is a recovery, everyone will see it, not just a few economists more pleased than they should be, perhaps, with what the basis of economics has been. If persons who rent apartments, buy groceries, buy clothes, see the recovery so much talked about, these persons will be convincing....Recovery begins in the kitchen, is expressed in the bedroom, is agreed to in the street....'" >>  more


Also see this Web site opposing homelessness:

And this Web site opposing prejudice: An Anthropologist Meets Aesthetic Realism

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