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To begin answering this question, I recommend that you visit Congressman Elijah E. Cummings' tribute to Eli Siegel, founder of Aesthetic Realism, in the US Congressional Record.

Also see how the Aesthetic Realism method is used in understanding art and ourselves at the Terrain Gallery website. You can see biographies of the Faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation (including myself). And visit the Aesthetic Realism Foundation website for more information.

Now look at "Aesthetic Realism; or, Is a Person an Aesthetic Situation?" — This link goes to my colleague Anne Fielding's Web site where you can read this short explanation by Eli Siegel. It was given in an interview with Lewis Nichols of the New York Times Book Review. It begins, "Aesthetic Realism sees the world and a person or self as an aesthetic situation. It also sees the various sciences and arts as aesthetic situations: painting, the drama, chemistry, geology have something in common. The question then is, what is an aesthetic situation?" ... Click here to continue reading "Aesthetic Realism; or, Is a Person an Aesthetic Situation?



The Opposites in Music Class 

This is the class I teach at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation with my colleagues Anne Fielding and Edward Green. Click here to continue reading "The Opposites in Music" at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation.

Flute Classes and Lessons

I teach the flute in my studio. For more information, click here.

"The Beginnings of Music: The Opposites in the Flute" 

This is an article about what I've seen. Aesthetic Realism shows that the first opposites for a person are oneself and the world — and we're trying to do a good job with these opposites from birth....Click here to continue reading how Aesthetic Realism sees the beginnings of music.




Learn about Our "Understanding Marriage!" Class

Through studying the opposites of contempt and respect in the history of marriage and in their own lives including yesterday's incident at the breakfast table .... Read more here.

"Criticism Is Love"

This article, "Criticism Is Love," was first given as a paper in an Aesthetic Realism seminar. It includes a needed undestanding of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson—Fanny Van de Grift Osborne—and women today ... Click here to continue.

"Learn How Marriage Can Succeed in a Failed Economy" / Caribbean Life Journal 11/10/98   

    From coast to coast, marriages are suffering because of the failed economy. Women are speaking like this wife of twenty-five years, whose husband lost his job; she is quoted in an article in New York Newsday: "We fight all the time now" ... Click here to continue.  

"The Mix-up in Marriage about Coldness and Warmth"

A wife wrote in her diary January 15, 1869: "[My husband] told me during the evening that he loved me above all else in the world, and these words made me immeasurably happy"....Wives have longed to hear these words from their husbands —"I love you above all else in the world" and have felt they represent the warmth, the passion they need in what they see as an uncaring world. And then there comes to be increasing coldness, distrust of each other, and pain. The question is why? ...  Click here to continue reading



"They Do Not Have to Die"

There is a form of despair in students that has grown alarmingly in the last years: teenage suicide. Programs have been instituted in schools to teach students and teachers how to recognize the signs of a child thinking of suicide: listlessness, grades dropping, lack of interest, sudden angers, more and more isolation.

"Specialists agree," reports the New York Times (March 14, 1984), "that no single theory can account for all suicides and no single measure can prevent them."

This is not true. Eli Siegel has described what talks place in a person who wants to kill himself. He wrote in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 229 ...  Click here to continue reading how Aesthetic Realism sees suicide in a young person.

Ninth Graders Learn about Opposites in Reality, Literature and Themselves (West Orange Chronicle, NJ)   

Teachers' Workshop: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

In these definitive principles, Eli Siegel, the greatest of educators, gave teachers the method, so longed for by students and teachers, to enable students to learn successfully and to replace prejudice with knowledge and good will: (1) "The purpose of education is to like the world" (Self and World, p. 5). (2) Contempt — "the lessening of what is different from oneself as a means of self-increase as one sees it" — is the greatest interference to learning and the fundamental cause of all injustice. (3) "The world, art, and self explain each other: each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites"... Click here to continue.




"Aesthetic Realism Shows Profit System Is Based on Contempt" By Barbara Allen & Arnold Perey

"We heard a report on CBS News Sunday Morning about what is happening to over 500 people who are going to be losing good paying jobs at the Kellogg cereal South Plant there in Battle Creek...." 



round formLarry Kranz Flute Pages: A major online resource for flutists

round formNational Flute Association (United States)

round formThe Flute Society of New South Wales, Australia

round formThe Flute Network, San Bernadino, California

The Flute Network is a non-profit educational corporation serving flutists, flute teachers, and the people who love them.




(1) See the Aesthetic Realism Online Library which has reviews, poetry, lectures, & essays by Eli Siegel, including "The Immediate Need for Poetry"poetry by Martha Baird, and by others; books, articles in the press, and The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known.

(2) Poems by Ellen Reiss: "Welcome Your Confusion as a Guest;" "July is Relevantly Busy;" "New York Pigeons;" "Heard."

(3) The Web site "Friends of Aesthetic Realism—Countering the Lies" in which students and former students of Aesthetic Realism tell the truth about some of the meanest misrepresentations I've ever seen. It has wit and satire on it that show, also, how the ugly can make for humor.

(4) Links to sites created by persons whose first hand knowledge of Aesthetic Realism and its approach to art, literature, the economy, and life make them important authorities in today's cultural world.

(5) Critical writing by Ellen Reiss, the Chairman of Education of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, on Robert Burns, Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson; on the Middle East, on Harry Potter as literature, on the meaning of idioms, and much more.

(6) Dr. Arnold Perey's site "An Anthropologist Meets Aesthetic Realism."


Barbara Allen and husband Dr. Arnold Perey at the American Library Association meeting in Chicago, IL where three new books (two shown here) were made public: Gwe: Young Man of New Guinea—a novel against racism, by Dr. Perey, Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism, edited and co-authored by Alice Bernstein, and Were They Equal? a traditional African tale against prejudice with Tortoise, Elephant, & Hippopotamus, as told and illustrated by Dr. Perey.

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