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On Aesthetic Realism, Love and Marriage


The "Understanding Marriage!" Class — a Workshop for Women  

    "The purpose of marriage is to like the world through another person." —Eli Siegel

"Learn How Marriage Can Succeed in a Failed Economy" / Caribbean Life Journal 11/10/98  

    "From coast to coast, marriages are suffering because of the failed economy. Women are speaking like this wife of twenty-five years, whose husband lost his job; she is quoted in an article in New York Newsday: "We fight all the time now....."

"Criticism Is Love"

    Aesthetic Realism Seminar paper by Barbara Allen, of There Are Wives. Includes Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson--Fanny Van de Grift Osborne--and women today

"Resentment in Marriage" / San Antonio Register    Part 1  /  Part 2  

"The Mix-up in Marriage about Coldness and Warmth" 

    Paper presented in an Aesthetic Realism Seminar given by There Are Wives, Aesthetic Realism Foundation, New York City, 1/18/97.  Includes a study of Cosima Wagner, the wife of the great German composer, Richard Wagner, excerpts from Aesthetic Realism classes taught by Eli Siegel, and an Aesthetic Realism consultation with a contemporary woman.

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