Edward Green, Anne Fielding, and Barbara Allen teaching The Opposites in Music class


See the important interview with Barbara Allen, "Aesthetic Realism and the Art of the Flute," in the Hellenic Journal of Music, Education and Art.

Dr. Edward Green: You are known, both as a performer and as a music educator, for your advocacy of the Aesthetic Realism viewpoint and method. Can you tell us about its main principles?

Barbara Allen: Yes, certainly. I had the honor to study with its founder, the great poet and educator, Eli Siegel. What I learned is the thing which distinguishes my teaching of the flute and what I say as I perform publicly. Aesthetic Realism has three major principles, each terrifically relevant to flute players and how we approach the delightful, amazing instrument we’ve chosen. I should add that while I’m speaking here about the flute, I feel it stands for all instruments people have played since ancient times and are playing now.... <Read more>

You can also download "Aesthetic Realism and the Art of the Flute" here (PDF).



The Philosophy of Aesthetic Realism, which I am so proud to study and teach, has taught me—and enabled me to teach others—the most valuable things I know about music and life. That's what this website is about. It includes papers on the flute, education, love, marriage, and economics.

I began my study of this important philosophy directly with Eli Siegel (1902-1978), the great educator, poet, and critic who founded it.  I loved the classes he gave. They included the Ethical Study Conference, the Arts and Sciences lectures, the Nevertheless Poetry Class. 

And I continue now to study in the classes taught by Ellen Reiss, the Chairman of Education at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, whom Mr. Siegel appointed in 1977. In Ms. Reiss is a scholarship and integrity I respect enormously—and I see her as the most important educator living today. 

As I give flute classes, as I teach women in the Aesthetic Realism and Marriage class, as I teach children in afterschool programs across the city, and teach New York teachers in professional training classes, I am so glad to convey the knowledge that has made my life happy. 

Though I am from the midwest myself, I represent all humanity.  Aesthetic Realism meets the honest hopes of people not only in the United States, but Japan, England, Canada, Europe, the Pacific Islands. 

   — Barbara Allen, Aesthetic Realism Consultant   




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